Unit Pricing

As the developer and builder progress with the construction process, they will release more inventory.



Lot 23 • $810,000

Lot 24 • $780,000

Lot 25 • $780,000

Lot 26 • $790,000


Townhomes and boat slips are sold separately. If you purchase an Inlet Cove townhome, then you are eligible to purchase a boat slip. If you do not purchase a townhome, then you are not eligible to own a boat slip in the marina.

*Optional Upgrades


Ground Floor Upgrade

  • 4th bedroom with an attached en suite bathroom

  • Includes a closet in the bedroom and additional storage closet on the ground floor

  • Finished back entry


$24,000 upgrade​


Elevator Upgrade

  • Option to add an elevator that will reach all 4 levels of the townhome

  • Elevator shaft is included in all units regardless, making it easy to install an elevator if needed down the road


$31,000 upgrade​