Bi-Weekly Update
September 2, 2022

  • Lots 51-53 - trim done, stairs done, drywall point up started.

  • Lots 48-50 - trim done drywall point up started, counters installed, stairs done.

  • Lots 45-47 - trim complete, drywall point up done, painting started, garage doors installed

  • Lots 42-44 - flooring delivered, painting, stairs completed, electrical tricot started.

  • Lots 40-41 - drywall finished, cabinet installation started, trim will begin 9/12, siding done

  • Lots 37-39 - siding in progress, drywall hung and finishing started, trim will begin 9/12

  • Lots 35-36 - insulated, rough in inspections week of 9/5, drywall delivered, siding complete

  • Lots 33-34 - siding in progress, rough in inspections week of 9/5

  • Lots 28-32 - decks started, framing punch, tubs delivered, windows installed

  • Lots 24-27 - framing continues, fully sheathed

  • Lots 20-23 - garages poured, framing will start 9/12

  • Cabana roof papered and flashed

  • Driveways have begun

  • Marina power installation continues

  • Boat lifts going in

Bi-Weekly Update
August 19, 2022

  • Lots 51-53 - cabinets done, trim started, countertops have been templated

  • Lots 48-50 - cabinets done, trim started, countertops have been templated

  • Lots 45-47 - trim completed, drywall point up and paint, power is on, electrical trim out is process

  • Lots 42-44 - trim completed, power is on electrical trim out is in process, paint

  • Lots 40-41- drywall finishing, siding punch

  • Lots 37-39 - drywall started, siding starts next week.

  • Lots 35-36 - rough in inspections, siding almost completed

  • Lots 28-29 - plumbing and mechanical completed, electrical rough in.  Siding starts next week.

  • Lots 28-32 - shingles & fascia next week, front deck framing

  • Lots 23-27 - framing continues, roof trusses in place

  • Lots 1-22 - prepping for porch footer pour tomorrow/early next week

  • Power is on at 42-47

  • Electrical lines connected in 48-53

  • Stormwater system and emergency hammer head driveway installed

  • Driveways/road work begins next week

Bi-Weekly Update
July 22, 2022

Lots 51-53 cabinets installed. Lots 48-50 painted and cabinets delivered. Lots 45-47 trim and cabinets. Lots 42-44 trim and countertops. Lots 40-41 insulation, ground floor decks, siding. Lots 37-39 rough in, ground floor decks, inspections next week. Lots 35-36 framing punch and rough in started. Lots 33-34 framing punch. Lots 28-32 framing complete, roofing started. Lots 24-27 ground floor framing. Lots 15-23 foundations and plumbing ready, pouring slabs 7/26. Cabana framing almost completed. Prepping site for grading and remaining site work.  Scheduling final utility and irrigation installation.

Bi-Weekly Update
July 8, 2022

Trim started on lots 42-46. Mechanical units are being set on lots 42-53. Rough ins completed lots on 40-41. Rough ins being installed on lots 37-39. Decks are built on all framed units and deck boards are down. Lots 28-32 are almost done being framed. Framing on the pool house is underway! Plumbing slabs on lots 15-23 completed. Concrete scheduled for next week. Siding will start on lots 37-41 next week. Framing will start on lots 24-27 today. Cabinets are being installed in lots 51-53. Countertops being installed in lots 42 and 44 today!

Bi-Weekly Update
June 24, 2022

Pulled strings for lots 15-23. Digging footings for lots 20-23. Framing continues on lots 28-32. Porch decks, handrail posts, framing punch and rough-in inspections on lots 33-41. Drywall finishing and siding on lots 51-53. Drywall hanging, metal roofs and siding on lots 48-50. Siding, cabinets, paint, railings, metal roofs on lots 45-47. Tile, cabinets, garage doors, trim, paint and railings on lots 42-44.

Bi-Weekly Update
June 10, 2022

Pergolas, post wraps and railings on Lots 42-44. Metal roofs installed. Painting on Lots 42-44. Drywall finishing in Lots 45-47. Insulation and framing in Lots 48-53. Mechanical and plumbing in Lots 37-41. Framing Lots 33-41. Finished roof on Lots 35-36. Started framing Lots 28-32.

Bi-Weekly Update
May 26, 2022

Framing decks on Lots 33-41 and siding Lots 48-53. Slab complete for Lots 24-27. Drywall installing and finishing in Lots 42-47. Plumbed the pool house.

Bi-Weekly Update
May 13, 2022

Pool cabana poles installed, plumbing on Lots 24-27, started back decks on Lots 37-41. Sheetrock being installed in Lots 42-44, decking, siding and roofing continues along with more dredging and walkway construction.

Bi-Weekly Update
April 28, 2022

Electrical and HVAC installs continue. Siding Lots 48-53. Framing almost complete on Lots 35 & 36! Slab has been poured for Lots 28-32. Strings and batter boards getting prepped for concrete on 24-27. We have the first round of concrete in the pool! Dredging crew is putting on some finishing touches along the creek front.

Bi-Weekly Update
April 18, 2022

Started decking on Lots 42-44. Siding continuing on Lots 45-50. Roofing on Lots 42-53 will be completed this week. Pool is getting closer – pouring concrete next week!